Classroom Space Prioritization

Date of Notice: 
Wed, 11/07/2012
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Current Status: 
Approved on 12/5/2012


This resolution expresses University Senate support for the prioritization of classroom space in future construction projects at the University of Oregon.

Section I

1.1 WHEREAS, the University of Oregon is an institution of higher education and has a “commitment to undergraduate education, with a goal of helping the individual learn to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively, and live ethically”; and

1.2 WHEREAS, the average credit-hours in which students are enrolled has increased to 15 credits per term, meaning that a larger amount of classroom space is needed to accommodate ever-increasing need [According to University of Oregon policies, one credit hour translates into approximately two hours of work outside of class and this expected time may come in the form of readings, studying, assignments, projects, etc.]; and

1.3 WHEREAS, a safe, accessible place to study is critical to academic success; and

1.4 WHEREAS, classrooms are being filled beyond capacity, making it nearly impossible to maintain the high level of quality education that is our perennial goal; and

1.5 WHEREAS, Columbia 150 is the only classroom of its size (approximately 500 seats), which creates scheduling difficulties due to ever-increasing need; and

1.6 WHEREAS, capital construction projects are projected to cost approximately $300 million:

Section II

2.1 Be it hereby moved that, the University Senate in conjunction with the ASUO urges the university administration to prioritize classroom space in future construction projects and to present its strategic plan for doing so (including a priorities list) no later than the University Senate meeting on April 10, 2013.

Financial Impact: 
The formation of the strategic plan is cost neutral. The content of the plan may involve costs that will be specified in the administration’s report to the Senate on April 10, 2013.

Harlan Mechling, ASUO Academic Affairs Director

Legislative History: 

Please see Section I in the body of the resolution.