Modification of Senate Bylaws Fiscal Impact Statement

Date of Notice: 
Mon, 07/23/2012
Legislation, Resolution, or Policy Adoption: 
Current Status: 
Approved on 1/16/2013

(Amendment to By-Laws)

To replace the current wording of Section of the Senate By Laws with the following: For each Resolution, Legislation or Policy Adoption to be introduced to the Senate, the Senate Executive Committee shall notify the Sponsor(s) whether a Fiscal Impact Statement is necessary. When so found, the Committee shall provide assistance, as requested by the Sponsor(s), in the preparation of the statement.

DATE OF EFFECTIVENESS: Immediately upon approval by the Senate

Financial Impact: 
Cost neutral

Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus Biology

Legislative History: 

Background:  Although knowledge of the fiscal impact of pending Senate actions is useful, it is rarely calculable with a useful degree of precision. In failing to acknowledge this difficulty, the existing language inhibits the introduction of Motions that are important to the execution of the Senate’s responsibilities.