Senate Meeting Agenda - May 09, 2012

Knight Library Room 101, 3:00‐5:00 pm

3:00 pm 1. Call to Order
         1.1 Approval of the Minutes of the April 11 Meeting
3:05 pm 2. State of the University
    2.1 Remarks by Interim President Robert Berdahl
    2.2 Questions and Comments with Response
3:25 pm 3. New Business
    3.1 Election of Senate President 2012 - 2013; John Bonine, Chair; Senate Nominating Committee
    3.2 Two Research Policies for Consideration and Vote; Beth Stormshak, Associate VP for Research
      3.2.1 Classified Research Policy
      3.2.2 Proprietary Research Policy
    3.3 IAC Motion Regarding Student Membership
      3.3.1 History and Summary of the Motion; Glen Waddell, IAC
      3.3.2 Comments from Interim President Robert Berdahl
      3.3.3 Report from the Committee on Committees; Robert Kyr, Senate President
      3.3.4 Discussion
      3.3.5 Senate Action
    3.4 Student Conduct Code; Shabd Khalsa, Student Conduct and Community Standards Committee (chair designee)
    3.5 Motion US11/12-09 Acknowledging the Constitution; Frank Stahl, Biology Emeritus
4:15 pm 4. Open Discussion
    4.1 Update on Unionization; Peter Keyes, Member of the University of Oregon Faculty Union Coordinating Committee
4:30 pm 5. Reports
    5.1 ASUO Report; Ben Eckstein, ASUO President
    5.2 Update on a Change in Practice regarding Public Records; Bill Harbaugh; Chair, Senate Transparency Committee
    5.3 Update on Remaining Policies for May 23 Senate Meeting (Kyr)
    5.4 Update regarding the Tenth Year Review - Committee on Committees (Kyr)
4:45 pm 6. Announcements and Communications from the Floor
    6.1 Notice of Motion: Consideration of Voting Rights for Retired and Emeritus Faculty Members; Marie Vitulli (Professor Emerita, Mathematics) and Sarah Douglas (Professor Emerita, Computer Science)
    6.2 Notice of Motion: No Coal Resolution; Emma Newman, Student Justice League
5:00 pm 7. Adjournment