One thought on “Want to comment on the new CAS blog?”

  1. Yet Another Dog Says this:

    “Thinking about CAS” – is really a two way dialogue. I am really not much interested in reading about the Dean’s football weekend or any other light CRAP designed for humorous relief from the salt mines work. The first post does talk a bit about collaboration so I sent this to the suggestion box:

    As almost all things UO – we tend to remain insular.

    If the CAS deans are serious about collaboration (I don’t believe they are – I think they just want to talk about it) in one of the most anti-collaborative institutions I have ever seen (everyone one here only cares about protecting their budget and collaboration is usually viewed as a threat – this is the conversation we actually refuse to have) – then they might want to refer to extant work on this:

    and indeed, the 1950s produce mass consumption and the sense of entitlement, all good, right …?

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