Senate Meeting Agenda – November 16, 2016

DRAFT (revised Wednesday 11/16/2016)

Location: EMU 214 (REDWOOD Auditorium); 3:00-5:00 pm

Call to Order (3:00 PM)

Introductory Remarks, Senate President Bill Harbaugh

Approval of Minutes from Oct 19, 2016 and Nov 2, 2016

New Business (3:15 PM)

1. Vote: US16/17-05: Graduate Online & Hybrid Courses policy proposal; Scott Pratt (Philosophy & Graduate Council)

2. Vote: US16/17-07: Student Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Violence Complaint and Response policy proposal; Merle Weiner (Law) & the Senate Responsible Reporting Working Group

State of the University update (3:40 – 4:00)

Mike Schill (UO President)

More New Business

Motion to suspend the rules and allow debate and vote on both:

3. US16/17-08: Reaffirming our Shared Values of Respect for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Senator Pedro Garcia-Caro (Romance Languages) et al. 

4: US16/17-09: Declaring UO a Sanctuary Campus; Lynn Stephen (Anthropology) et al.

Open Discussion

Reports (4:45 PM)    

1. Update on Accreditation update: Ron Bramhall (AVP for Academic Excellence).

2. IFS & PAC12-ALC: Robert Kyr (Music)

3. Governor’s Campus Safety Workup Report; Robert Kyr (Music)

4:55 pm    7.   Notice(s) of Motion

 4:57 pm    8.   Other Business

5:00 pm    9.   Adjournment


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