Wabash Center of Inquiry Visits UO Senate

UPDATE April 2017: Memo from Wabash regarding recent UO visit.

Wabash Memo

On November 28, 29, 30, the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs and the Division of Undergraduate Studies will host Charles Blaich and Kathy Wise from the Wabash Center of Inquiry. The Center of Inquiry is dedicated to using evidence to strengthen liberal arts education for all students at all institutions. Charles and Kathy are the principle researchers on the Wabash National Study 2006-2012, a large-scale, longitudinal study to investigate critical factors that affect the outcomes of liberal arts education. Their research was designed to help colleges and universities improve student learning and enhance the educational impact of their programs. To that end, the study had two fundamental goals:

• To learn what teaching practices, programs, and institutional structures support liberal arts education
• To develop methods of assessing liberal arts education

Slides from the Wabash Center presentation to the UO Senate

They will join us to engage in discussions with students, faculty and administration as part of an ongoing campus conversation focused on improving the undergraduate educational experience at the University of Oregon. Their 3-day visit will culminate with a facilitated discussion during the Nov. 30, 2016 Senate meeting from 4-5 pm. We are grateful to Senate President Harbaugh and Senate Vice President Sinclair for devoting time to this important discussion during a Senate Meeting.

Thank you!

Ron Bramhall
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Excellence
Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs

Lisa Freinkel
Dean and Vice Provost
Division of Undergraduate Studies

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