US16/17-14: Repeal of US12/13-38: Term Limits for Senate Committees

Date of Notice: 01/18/2017

Current Status: Approved 02/15/2017

Motion Type: Legislation

Sponsor: Committee on Committees


Section I:

1.1 WHEREAS, the Committee on Committees has difficulty filling seats on committees; and

1.2 WHEREAS, some committees require multiple years for members to become proficient with the policies and procedures germane to the operation of those committees;

Section II

2.1 BE IT THEREFORE MOVED, that the University Senate hereby repeals US12/13-38: Term Limits for Senate Committees

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This legislation would repeal the ‘umbrella’ term limits that were passed under motion 12/13-38. ¬†Several committees have term limits specified in their charge/enabling legislation. ¬†Were the repeal to pass, the following committees would still have the term limits.


One thought on “US16/17-14: Repeal of US12/13-38: Term Limits for Senate Committees”

  1. The Study Abroad Programs Committee (SAPC) requires member and chair with a good deal of experience in the area of study abroad and in the deliberations of the committee. While new blood is good, so is experience; we have had some difficulty recruiting the latter kind of member of late. Thus we respectfully request that the committee be removed from the list of committees that continue to have term limits attached.

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Robert Haskett
    Professor, Chair, SAPC
    Department of History

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