Nominations for 2017 Senate Awards Are Now Open

Nominations for 2017 Senate Awards Are Now Open

Each year, the University Senate recognizes four members of our community for their exemplary leadership and service.

Nominations for these awards are now open. Any member of the campus community may nominate an eligible faculty member, classified staff person, or officer of administration for these awards. You will find instructions about what to include with your nomination on each award’s webpage. We will present the awards in a formal ceremony at the University Senate meeting on June 7.

The deadline for all nominations is Tuesday April 25, 2017. Please send nominations to:

Thank you for taking the time to help the University Senate recognize and celebrate those who contribute so much to our university community.


●   UO Senate Award for Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust

Purpose: Award is given to the person who has best exemplified the principles of shared governance, transparency, and trust during the past year. Established 2015.
Eligible for Award: Any administrator or other member of the UO community.

●   Wayne T. Westling Award

Purpose: Named in honor of Wayne T. Westling, Professor of Law at the University of Oregon from 1979-2001. Award is given for outstanding and long-term leadership and service to the university. Established 2001.
Eligible for Award: Any faculty or staff member.

●   UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award

Purpose: Recognize someone who is a leader in one or more of these areas – personal and professional development, a respectful work environment, or diversity. Must have made “a difference through their actions and through collaborative relationships.” Established 2011.
Eligible for Award: All classified employees.

●   UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration

Purpose: Recognize exemplary service over a period of years and outstanding leadership. Must be committed to shared governance and participatory decision making and must foster inclusiveness, respect, and professional excellence. Established 2011.
Eligible for Award: All Officers of Administration.




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