Stephanie McGee Candidate Statement 2017

My career at the University of Oregon began in Human Resources where I worked in Employee and Labor Relations gaining an understanding of the campus culture and climate. I am now an Internal Auditor with the Office of Internal Audit. Both of these positions provided me the ability to gain a broad understanding of the campus community as well as challenges and opportunities faced by staff on campus. I value my work for the university because I have a lifelong commitment to higher education.
I have been an elected Officers of Administration (OA) representative on the University Senate on campus since 2015 and am seeking to continue to represent and be a strong voice for OA’s into the new term. I am honored to have been chosen to serve as a voice for OAs across campus. So far, I have been an active participant in the Senate serving on the Executive Committee, Senate Budget Committee, Rules Committee, President’s Ad Hoc Budgetary Advisory Committee, Senate Nominating Committee, and evaluating the election policies and procedures for the Senate via an informal Elections Committee. I continue to provide input to the creation of the Senate Handbook. In all of these roles, I have represented the University of Oregon OA’s to the best of my ability and have been an active voice in committees. During this time, I advocated for the inclusion of OA representation on committees without current representation from OAs.
As a member of the campus community with a BBA in Accounting and a JD in law, I understand and enjoy working on policies and budgets. I am extremely familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order, which the Senate currently uses to conduct business. I have become very familiar with both the Constitution, which grants the University Senate authority, and the Bylaws, which outlines the processes and procedures that the Senate will use to operate.
I desire to continue to advocate and represent OA’s in new Senate business as well as the opportunity to bring some works to conclusion. It is essential to have an OA voice on the Senate and I would welcome the opportunity to continue the work I have already started on behalf of OAs. I believe I can continue to be a strong and effective advocate for all of us. Thank you in advance for your support.

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