Cressa Perloff Candidate Statement 2018

Cressa Perloff holds an OA position as the Project Coordinator for Exploring Computer Science, a research project focused on equity in high school computer science education. She is also a graduate student in the Prevention Science M.S. program. Her former career was in the field of alternative math education, and she holds a BFA in Modern Dance. Cressa also consults regarding how to make programs, organizing structures, institutional culture, and events more inclusive and equitable, and she is engaged in various civil rights and community wellness projects at UO and around Eugene. She held the position of Event Coordinator for the ASUO LGBTQA3 in 2016-17 and is a founding member of Decolonizing Judaism.

She is excited about the opportunity to bring these perspectives and experiences to the UO Senate. She has an interest in helping UO policies, practices, and statements align with an ethic of maintaining a welcoming, safe, equitable university environment for all our community members.

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