Larissa Ennis Candidate Statement 2018

I’m hoping to get your vote for the Officers of Administration Council again in 2018. I am completing my first 2-year term as an OA Councilor, and in that time I have come to a greater understanding of the challenges facing OAs as the only unrepresented professional employee group on campus, and of the ways the OA Council can improve our standing. In the last year it has been my pleasure to play a key role in authoring the OA Council’s Workplace Climate survey, with the goal of creating a better workplace for all OAs at the University of Oregon. I hope to continue the work we started with the survey and continued with the listening tour, by creating an action plan and collaborating with campus partners to make real change happen for OAs. No campaign promises here, but I would be grateful for the opportunity to finish what we started—or at least make some incremental improvements in the lives of our colleagues. Thank you for your vote.

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