Lisa Wimberly Candidate Statement 2018

It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I respectfully submit my application to serve on the University Senate. The Senate has a long history of involvement with the University Community and I would like to be part of that involvement.
I have over 30 years of experience overall and 10 years at the University working in the nonprofit and volunteer committee sector promoting and advancing services, programs and policies that build and support the creation of a stable healthy community and University. Those that have worked with me over the years can attest to both my passion and involvement in public issues, advocacy and collaboration at the local and state levels.
Through my experience serving on multiple boards, committees and councils over the last 30 years, I have gained insight and a deep understanding of the many challenges and opportunities that our community grapples with on an ongoing basis. If elected to the Senate I promise to bring a deep commitment to contributing to the work as it moves forward to build a vibrant and effective voice for all.

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