Zach Fairchild Candidate Statement 2018

I have served the university in various roles, all as a classified staff member. I understand and value the diversity amongst our classifications, but also know the complications it brings to the work we do, how we go about accomplishing our work and the lines we sometimes have to draw with our CBA and management.

I have read and reread our CBA and always bring the classified voice to the table, in whatever roles I serve in, whether it be my daily work or committee/appointed commitments. Working for the division of student life, in my current role, I have a unique platform and have opportunities to work closely with decision makers and game changers across campus.

Holding relationships closely and building trust within the university has been my constant goal. Throughout my time at UO, I have been able to garner trust from management and HR, build strong bonds between my colleagues and constituents, and serve our students with the upmost pride and dedication in all I do.

I hope to serve the university community further in the coming weeks, months and years.

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