Anna Duncan Candidate Statement 2019

I am running for Officers of Administration Council to support institutional change that makes OAs feel satisfied in their jobs. I have been an OA for over seven years. I have also been a UO undergraduate student (BA, magazine journalism – 2002), graduate student (Master of Public Administration – 2008), graduate employee, and classified employee. I serve on the HR Recruitment Implementation Advisory Workgroup and the IS Administrative Technology Domain subcommittee.

As a member of the Officer of Administration Council, I will advocate for rational and transparent changes, specifically:

Clear and transparent OA job families, career pathways, and salary bands: I support OA job families and salary bands that are clearly and publicly defined so that we know where we are, and where we can go from there.

Cohesive and intuitive software systems with sufficient documentation and support: Well-defined software development process is crucial. I have created precise software requirements, and written clear software instructions, at UO and in the nonprofit sector. I am excited to use my understanding to advocate for clarity and accountability in all UO software implementations.

Fair and reduced-bias hiring practices: I believe that artificial barriers to UO employment should be reduced, and eliminated. I have served on approximately 20 OA and classified search committees, and by late April will be a trained Search Advocate. I co-wrote with the CAS Dean’s Office Diversity Action Plan Working Group a report on the current state of, and recommendations for, diversity, equity, and inclusion in CAS’s hiring practices.

Policies that are applied consistently and fairly across employee groups and situations: We know this doesn’t always happen, despite our best intentions. I am determined in my efforts to improve this in my own job, and am ready to take this determination to all of campus.

Our university is in a time of many changes. We know that the more engaged we are, the less frustrating and demoralizing these changes will be, but not everyone has the time or the desire to be publicly involved. I am willing and able to be a public advocate for Officers of Administration and for change that is neither frustrating nor demoralizing. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for OA Council.

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