Lynette Danley Candidate Statement 2019

Dr. Danley holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Iowa and an M.S. in Education from Drake University. Dr. Danley most recently worked as the Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctorate Program Coordinator and an Assistant Professor at Governors State University near Chicago. She has worked extensively in higher education, pipeline programs, and community organizing. She has published widely on higher education, particularly women and girls’ retention and persistence experiences throughout P-20 education.
Dr. Danley effectively collaborates with Deans, Chairs, Division Heads and Program Coordinators to plan and review curricular changes that best served the mission of the program and the enrichment of the academic experience for the students. Dr. Danley is capable in assisting in the development of curriculum and policies for programs. She has a proven record securing full-time faculty and adjunct faculty for assignments and addressing student related academic issues. Dr. Danley also understands instructional design and has the ability to develop face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses for undergraduate and graduate students. She taught courses for Colleges of Education, Arts and Sciences, as well as Honors Programs.
Dr. Danley’s tenacity and compassion to promote collaboration across colleges in order to grow and sustain programs has been met with considerable success. Both faculty and administration indicate their appreciation of her commitment to the continual improvement of holistic education for all students. Dr. Danley’s knowledge and experience of instructional technology is impressive. She understands the value of connecting students to course content and utilizes online instructional methods to increase faculty and students’ technological skills pertinent to their respective disciplines/programs.
At previous institutions, Dr. Danley effectively served on the following university-wide committees: Equity-Minded Planning Team, Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, Assessment 2 Committee, College of Education PEU, Division of Education Admissions Committee and Student Concerns Committee. Dr. Danley’s contributions to each of the committees reflected her enthusiasm to accomplish committee goals, solve challenging issues and bring fresh perspectives to the conversations. Dr. Danley’s ability to advocate for students and adhere to university policies demonstrated how she balanced the ethic of care with the ethic of justice.

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