Salmon Norgaard-Stroich Candidate Statement 2019

I am interested in serving on the University Senate and committees, focusing on inclusion, diversity, and equity. I believe the U of O does a good job serving students, but focusing on DEI is an important aspect of ALL of our work to better serve students marginalized by race, class, and gender oppression.

My work at the Outdoor Program focuses on connecting students to a ‘sense of place’ as a way to feel grounded, stay healthy, and experience the amazing environment Oregon has to offer. Our most important goal, however, is to build community. We have recognized that outdoor spaces (and many other spaces on campus) are dominated by white, CIS, and often male students and community members. In my work I am committed to building a more diverse staff, and to serving a more diverse student body, and to helping the University build its cultural competence as a whole.
Salmon Norgaard-Stroich
Assistant Director, UO Outdoor Program

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