Larissa Ennis Candidate Statement 2020

I am seeking your vote for an Officer of Administration seat on the Faculty Advisory Council of the University Senate, 2020-2022. I will soon be ending my second of two consecutive terms on the Officers of Administration Council, the last two years in the role of co-chair. In my time on the OAC, I have made connections across the institution, learned about the processes for shared governance at University of Oregon, and seen and advocated for opportunities to improve the working conditions for OAs. In my day job, I serve as Associate Director of Community Relations in the Government and Community Relations team, which puts me in direct connection to regional nonprofits, public agencies, and civic leaders.

I would like to shift next to serving on the Faculty Advisory Council, to provide informed and knowledgeable guidance to the President and Provost on “the wide range of university affairs.” Officers of Administration, being the only non-unionized professional employee group at UO, remain underrepresented and at times unheard in decision-making that affects our work lives. I still have plenty to learn, but I have a good handle on the myriad issues that face OAs and can advocate knowledgably and competently for policies that benefit us as well as the broader university. I am open to your questions and suggestions, and I hope you’ll reach out directly if you feel so moved (look me up in Find People; I’d list my email but pretty sure I’d just be inviting bots to fill my inbox with spam!).

Thank you for your vote.

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