Piper Fahrney Candidate Statement 2020

Hi, I’m Piper.  I work in CPFM/Maintenance Support fixing and upkeeping campus buildings and hardscapes.  And yes, I do play the bagpipes.  And that is why I am running for UO Senate.  Not the bagpipes, they are just a distraction: an example.  It is the issue of distractions itself that I wish to bring to the table.  The UO leadership has done a good job, yet as with any large organization distractions and loss of focus tend to creep in.  Some of the other things I bring to the table as blue collar staff are a grounding of why and for whom the University really exists; a vision of how enriching and critical is higher education; fresh views; and a plain, unashamed love of our campus, the students, facility, staff, even the weather.  I believe in our goal. A goal I’ve seen slipping in my five years here.  A goal I want to help re-focus on, build, and keep.  A goal of focused excellence.  Oh, and I’ve a spare umbrella in my work cart if you don’t like the weather as much as I do, and need it.  Thanks.

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