Roy Chan Candidate Statement 2020

I am running for both the Faculty Personnel Committee and the Faculty Grievance Appeals Committee. My reasons for putting myself forward for candidacy are twofold: first, my steadfast belief in and commitment to the role of the humanities in a public university, and second, my concern for equity in regards to faculty who are underrepresented. In regards to the first reason, I believe the humanities constitute a central field of inquiry that adjudicates the constitution of value, with the recognition that multiple systems of value (and various definitions of what comprises equity and justification) are at play at any given moment. I view myself as a fair and reasonable evaluator of and advocate for my humanist colleagues from diverse fields and approaches; whether they are interdisciplinary boundary pushers or steadfast curators of a disciplinary heritage, I promise to consider the work of my colleagues with utmost conscientiousness and appreciation. As for the second, as a gay, first-generation, and working-class faculty of color, I am viscerally aware of the challenges that continue to face our underrepresented colleagues. I have served as a mentor to many such colleagues across disciplines in navigating structural inequities that carry considerable personal distress. Joining Senate committee service will allow me to continue this advocacy in a more official role. My collegial style has always been professional and punctual, light on rhetoric, strong on plainspoken communication. I thank you, my colleagues, for your consideration.

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