Kristy Bryant-Berg Candidate Statement 2020

I joined the University of Oregon Senate in April of 2019 after volunteering to fill an unexpected vacancy for a CAS Senate seat. Based on my subsequent experiences serving as a Senator over the past year, as well as several years serving on the University Committee on Courses and the English Department Council, I have found investment in shared governance to be meaningful, challenging, and enriching work. My strengths include being an attentive and inquisitive listener, as well as possessing a diligent work ethic. Having served in a variety of roles at University of Oregon where I began my first teaching work as a graduate student in 2002, I am particularly dedicated to advocating for equity and inclusion for faculty, staff, and students alike. I would be especially gratified to represent CAS Career Instructors’ perspectives and support our university-wide mission of inclusive, engaged, and research-led teaching, whether in face-to-face, remote learning, or online iterations.

Thank you for your consideration,


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