Sara Mason Candidate Statement 2020

I am in the unique position, as I am both an alumni of the University of Oregon as well as having served in several academic units and divisions. In addition, prior to joining the UO, I spent nearly six years in every department on campus as a generalist in sales and editorial development for a major higher education publisher. As a result, I am very familiar with the university from a number of perspectives. Combining my time in publishing and my first career on campus as a Fundraiser in Development/Advancement for the College of Arts and Sciences and then the School of Journalism and Communication, I have spent ten years on campus. I then had the opportunity to connect deeply with our community as a fundraiser for human services and arts and culture in the non-profit sector. I have now returned to campus joining the Division of Student Life putting my relationship skills to work with employers and alumni at the University Career Center.  These experiences, along with my own identity as a woman with Native American family, whose mother and father had not finished college at the time I entered school, prepare me to bring insight, creativity, heart, and collaboration to the work of the Senate and/or OA Council.

I deeply value higher education and all it provided me personally, professionally, and intellectually. I value what it provides a community and our society through education, research, and service. I also see its gaps, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in our current culture and economic climate.

If elected I will advocate for equity, inclusion, diversity, opportunity, and a student centered focus in our policies and investments of time, funds, and talent.

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