Theodora Ko Thompson Candidate Statement 2020

I am Theodora Ko Thompson, a workplace bullying and #MeToo survivor. A proud Double Duck alumna of the School of Journalism and Communication, and the College of Education. I carry my duck pride committed to be a representative voice joining in our senate shared governance, to weigh in the evolving paradigm of unprecedented challenges confronting higher education.

In this unprecedented challenging time it remains ever relevant and important to include all our voices for equity and equality of a diverse campus community, particularly of classified staff who inherently are stakeholders in the decision that are made. It matters that we are included, respected and valued to be serving in all search committees, in taskforces and committees in our common interest for forward thinking ideas toward a clean, green and sustainable future.

In our strive for excellence, Nihil de nobis, sine nobis. Nothing About Us, Without Us – let us strive to excel too in fostering a campus culture of welcoming, healthy, respectful and safe workplace climates and environments universally across campus unit to unit, from department to department.

Lets work together with dedicated intention to make a meaningful difference, for each other: Walk the walk, and walk the talk, with transparency and accountability benchmarked measurements and goals year to year, toward cultural competency and to address the systemic issues of white privilege, racism, workplace bullying and harassment, discrimination and biases in our collective experiences.

Thank you

Theodora Ko Thompson, BA 04, MS 07.

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