Henry Wear Candidate Statement 2020

I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest and graduate of the University of Oregon, University of Kansas, and University of South Carolina. I came ‘home’ to the University of Oregon in the Fall of 2019 after spending the previous three years working at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. At Deakin, I was an Assistant Professor in the Sports Management program and Co-Director of the Sports Management Master’s degree program. My current role with the School of Journalism and Communication is to teach and advise students in both sports communication and public relations. This has led to the development and implementation of two new sports specific undergraduate classes in the school and the ongoing development of a new graduate degree focused on sports media and communication. Prior to my transition to academia I spent time working in college athletics at the University of Kansas and the University of South Carolina, specializing in student athlete academic services. I’ve also worked in professional baseball, spending time with Kansas City Royals in their Media Relations and Communication department, and Major League Baseball’s social media team.

I believe it’s the combination of my academic and professional background that make me a strong candidate for the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee position. I have worked directly with student athletes at high profile programs at large universities. I have a strong understanding and appreciation of what their lives look like at our university, and the systems and commitments they need to navigate. Through teaching, researching, and working in the sport industry I’m also perpetually aware of trends, institutions, and current events. Having worked with sport leagues and teams at various levels across Europe, Australia, and India, as well as nationally in professional, semi-pro, and amateur sport I have a strong sense of how different types of sport organizations operate and how various stakeholders engage with teams, leagues, and universities. I believe this global, big picture perspective would be an asset to the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee, and I look forward to contributing in any way I can.

Most importantly I am passionate about this university and community. As an undergraduate student here many years ago I experienced first-hand how impactful this place can be. The university whole-heartedly embraces and values everyone’s voices and contributions to create a community. College athletics plays a vital role in that process, and as countless research has shown, can be a catalyst to bring people together time after time. I am grateful for my education here and am proud to be back working in a place I love so much. I would be honored to contribute to the University Senate in a position where I could leverage my background and experience in a positive way.

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