Ian Winbrock Candidate Statement 2020

As a community organizer and UO Classified Employee, I believe that people have power when they are able to represent themselves. This is particularly true of underrepresented viewpoints, voices and faces that are institutionally marginalized.

I want to represent you and give you a greater voice in the Senate.

The workings of the University system are complex, but our messages don’t have to be.

Classified staff deserve equal representation on everything the University does from investments in our personnel to executive-level search committees, and layoffs. Too long have our voices been excluded or dismissed.

Since 2018, I’ve been a Program Assistant for the Center for Science Communication Research (SCR), partially funded by the Presidential Fund for Excellence. In my role, I’ve managed budgets, created financial projections, written grants, drafted a financial MoU for my Center and coordinated with the office of the President and the Office of the Provost on funding, reporting and finances.

Prior to joining the University I spent five years working in politics and public policy, managing economic and workforce development programs for disadvantaged youth in the City of West Sacramento, CA. I understand politics and the political process, how to navigate systems of power and advocate for the interests to those who cannot advocate for themselves. My full resume is here.

I currently serve on the board of several local non-profits, providing my expertise to manage projects and programs that are mitigating the social, health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

During this time of dire financial uncertainty, we need someone who is: compassionate, understands complex financial modeling and projections, comfortable working with the University Administration and experienced voicing the perspectives and needs of underrepresented voices.

I’d be humbled to be one of your representatives to the Senate and work with you to ensure that all classified staff are represented.

In Solidarity,

Ian Winbrock

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