UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award

The UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award was created on February 9, 2011. The award recognizes the individual “who is a change agent; an individual who understands that change is about values and belief systems, and believes their function is to continue to improve and to make a difference through their actions and through collaborative relationships in a complex organization.”

Nomination Criteria:

Award nominees should be leaders in one or more of the following categories:

Personal and Professional Development: Demonstrates leadership that promotes personal and professional development for Classified Staff in all areas of education, culture, and international awareness, as well as, fosters respect and understanding of the value of lifelong learning and inquiry in the development of all faculty, staff, and students.

A Respectful Work Environment: Demonstrates leadership, and the wise exercise of civic responsibilities in building a collaborative relationship between management, faculty, staff and students; an individual whose actions in cultivating and building respect and recognition make a difference toward a supportive and respectful workplace environment.

Diversity: Demonstrates leadership that embraces and respects the differences in each of us; a change agent whose actions demonstrate the commitment to make a difference and impact the lives of others, is true to the principles of equality of opportunity and freedom from unfair discrimination, and is committed to an open system of accountability and transparency in University operations.

How to Nominate Someone:

Describe the specific actions or activities of the nominee that demonstrate their leadership in one or more of the categories above. Explain in detail why you believe the nominee is deserving of recognition.

Be sure to include: Nominee’s name, department/unit, and work phone number; their supervisor’s name and work phone number; your name, department, email address, and work phone number.

2019-20: Please submit your nomination via email to Betina Lynn, Senate Executive Coordinator, senatecoordinator@uoregon.edu, by Friday, April 17, 2020.

Nomination Process:

The entire campus, including faculty, officers of administration, classified staff, and students will be solicited for a minimum of a one paragraph nomination for the award. The UO Senate President shall request nominations from the entire campus.


The three (3) sitting senators representing classified staff shall be responsible for facilitating the award process. The three sitting and all past senators representing classified staff, currently employed by the University, shall be invited to participate in the selection process.


2019 – Terry McQuilkin (UO Libraries)

2018 – Jimmy Murray (University Libraries)

2017 – Kurt Willcox (University Senate)

2016 – Dorothy Attneave (Campus Planning, Design & Construction)

2015 – Johnny Earl (Campus Operations)

2014 – Theodora Ko Thompson (Admissions)

2013 – Richard Daniels (Admissions)

2012 – L. Jane Brubaker (Campus Operations)

2011 – Carla McNelly (Office of Multicultural Academic Success)


April – announcements to university community requesting nominations

April – deadline for receiving nominations

April/May – review nominations and make selection

June – award announcement

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