UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration

The UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration was created on February 9, 2011. Each year, the Officers of Administration senators invite nominations to select a member of our constituency who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the University of Oregon.

Nomination Criteria:

Nominations will be evaluated by the OA Award Committee based on the following:

1) Exemplary service over a period of years to the university through participation in committees, advisory bodies, or elected positions, and

2) Inspired leadership and commitment to the principles of shared governance, participatory decision making, and fostering a campus climate of inclusiveness, respect, and professional excellence.

How to Nominate Someone:

Describe in detail why you believe the nominee is deserving of recognition.

2019-20: Please submit your nomination via email to Betina Lynn, Senate Executive Coordinator, senatecoordinator@uoregon.edu, by Friday, April 17, 2020.

Nomination Procedure:

The entire campus, including faculty, officers of administration, classified staff, and students will be solicited for a minimum of a one paragraph nomination for the award. If there are a significant number of outstanding nominations, the Officers of Administration Council (OAC) will recognize additional nominees at an OAC event.


The current Officers of Administration senators are responsible for facilitating the award process and will serve as the Award Committee and forward the top nomination to the full UO Senate for action.


2019 – Annie Herz (Human Resources)

2018 – Teri Lynn Rowe (Manager of Finance and Administration, Economics and Sociology)

2017 – Lisa Raleigh (Director of Development Communications, College of Arts and Sciences)

2016 – Kimberly Johnson (Director of Academic Advising, Office of Academic Advising)

2015 – Miriam Bolton (Administrative Director, College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office)

2014 – David Espinoza (Assistant Director of the Testing Center, Counseling and Testing Center)

2013 – Stephanie Bosnyk (Assistant Dean for Operations, Lundquist College of Business)

2012 – Rachele Raia (Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences)

2011 – Shelley Elliott (Biology Department)


April – announcements to university community requesting nominations

April – deadline for receiving nominations

April/May – review nominations and make selection

June – award announcement

Shared governance at the University of Oregon

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