UO Senate Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust Award

The UO Senate Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust Award was created on January 21, 2015. The award represents the Senate’s interest in encouraging the proliferation of trust, transparency, and shared governance with the university administration.

Nomination Criteria:

This award will be presented to the individual who has best exemplified the values of trust, transparency, and shared governance in the past year.

How to Nominate Someone:

Describe the specific actions or activities of the nominee that demonstrate their commitment to the values listed above. Describe in detail why you believe the nominee deserves this award.

2019-20: Please submit your nomination via email to Betina Lynn, Senate Executive Coordinator, senatecoordinator@uoregon.edu, by Friday, April 17, 2020.

Nomination Process:

The entire campus, including faculty, Officers of Administration, classified staff, and students will be invited to submit nominations for the award. Senators and Senate committee members will also be asked to make nominations.


The Senate Executive Committee shall be responsible for facilitating the award process. It will collect and screen the nominees and recommend recipients to the University Senate. The Senate will vote to select the recipient.


2019 – Karen Ford (College of Arts & Sciences and English)
Jessica Price (General Counsel’s Office)
– Brent Walth (Journalism)

2018 – Monique Rodrigues Balbuena (Clark Honors College)
Kenny Jacoby (Palm Beach Post)
Britt Johnson (American English Institute)

2017 – Diane Dietz (Register-Guard)

2016 – William Harbaugh (Economics)

2015 – Michael Dreiling (Sociology)


April – announcements to university community requesting nominations

April – deadline for receiving nominations

April/May – review nominations and make selection

June – award announcement

Shared governance at the University of Oregon

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