Brad Shelton, 2009 Wayne Westling Award Recipient

Brad Shelton, 2009 Wayne Westling Award Recipient’s Recognition of Service

Brad Shelton
Photo courtesy of Brad Shelton

The following is taken from the letter nominating Brad Shelton for the award:

Professor Shelton, who has been a member of the University of Oregon faculty since 1985, is an exemplary citizen of this academic community. In addition to his teaching, research and administrative contributions as Head of the Mathematics Department for a number of years, Professor Shelton truly embraces the spirit of this award. Although Brad is often quiet in these contributions, he consistently seeks to make the University of Oregon a better place for all faculty, staff and students through his unending commitment to the principles of faculty governance, participatory decision making, and the fostering of a campus climate of inclusiveness and respect.

Let me elaborate. In an era of often self-directed faculty efforts, Brad regularly and consistently seeks way to makes unusual and outstanding contributions to the betterment of this campus. He recognizes the inter-connectedness of all parts of the institution (e.g., academics, student life, athletics, budget) and actively pursues opportunities to positively impact as many of these that he can, while always encouraging others to do so as well. Often, he takes on leadership roles in these efforts, even though that may be behind-the-scenes. Administrators and faculty alike, regardless of their discipline or academic unit, regularly consult him on key issues. Brad Shelton represents the very best of our faculty governance ideals, in that he takes on these voluntary responsibilities for the good of the entire community.

He has served the University of Oregon in the following ways (the list is not exhaustive):

1. University of Oregon Presidential Search Committee, 2008.
2. Faculty Advisory Council, 2004-2008. Chair 2007-2008.
3. Provost’s Budget Task Force, 2006-2008.
4. Provost’s Committee on Course Evaluations, 2005-, Chair 2006-Present
5. President’s Task Force on Athletics, 2001-2004.
6. Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, 1998-2004, 2009 Chair

Shared governance at the University of Oregon

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