Susan Gary, 2014 Wayne Westling Award Recipient

Photo courtesy of Susan Gary

Of the awards the University bestows this is a special one for me because Wayne Westling was a dear colleague and friend. My faculty neighbor, Wayne was the embodiment of university service and community service, and it is so fitting that we have this award in his memory.

I am honored beyond words to be this year’s recipient. This University has been my professional home for more than 20 years, and I appreciate the many opportunities the University has given me. This is an amazing place, with so much good work going on around us every day.

I have benefited from my involvement with University service, learning from each project and meeting wonderful members of our community. My work on the diversity plan, in particular, was an incredible learning experience for me, one that continues to influence me and has influenced my scholarly work.

I love the University because it’s a place of learning, and all of us who work here get to continue learning throughout our professional lives. Thank you so much for this recognition. There are many, many others at our University who deserve this award, and I am honored to have received it.

Shared governance at the University of Oregon

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