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The University of Oregon has a wealth of exemplary individuals who contribute to the success of our university. The Senate recognizes a few of them each year for their leadership and service through four major Senate Awards. These awards allow the Senate to highlight our shared values and those characteristics that enhance the experience of students, staff, and faculty.

2018 Award Recipients (L-R): Britt Johnson (Shared Governance);
Frances J. White (Westling); Jimmy Murray (Classified Staff); and
Monique Rodrigues Balbuena 
(Shared Governance). Not pictured:
Teri Lynn Rowe (Officers of Administration) and Kenny Jacoby
(Shared Governance). 

Senate Awards:

For 2018-19, award nominations will close on April 30. All members of the campus community are able to nominate any eligible faculty member, classified staff person, or officer of administration for these awards. These awards along with two special recognition awards will be presented at a formal ceremony at the June 6 Senate meeting.

Nominations must be sent to:

UO Senate Award for Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust

Purpose: Award is given to the person who has best exemplified the principles of shared governance, transparency, and trust during the past year. Established in 2015.
Eligible: Any administrator or other member of the UO community.
Selection: Recommended by Senate Executive Committee; selected by members of the University Senate.

2018 Recipients: Monique Rodrigues Balbuena (Associate Professor, Clark Honors College; Senator; and Member of the Policy Advisory Council), Britt Johnson (Senior Instructor, American English Institute and Member of the Traffic Appeals Board), and Kenny Jacoby (Reporter for the Palm Beach Post; former reporter for the Oregon Daily Emerald; and recent UO graduate)

Wayne T. Westling Award

Purpose: Named in honor of Wayne T. Westling, Professor of Law at the University of Oregon from 1979-2001. He was recognized across campus for his unswerving and selfless commitment to faculty governance. Award is given for outstanding and long-term leadership and service to the university. Established in 2001.
Eligible: Any faculty or staff member.
Selection: Recommended by the Committee on Committees; selected by members of the University Senate.

2018 Recipient: Frances J. White (Professor and Head, Anthropology Department; Senator; Member of the Senate Executive Committee; Co-Chair of the Academic Council; and Chair, UO Committee on Courses)

UO Senate Classified Staff Leadership Award

Purpose: Recognize an individual who is a leader in one or more of these areas – personal and professional development, a respectful work environment, or diversity. Must be a “change agent” who has made “a difference through their actions and through collaborative relationships.” Established in 2011.
Eligible: All classified employees.
Selection: By the current and previous classified staff senators employed at the university.

2018 Recipient: Jimmy Murray (Technology Specialist and Student Coordinator, Price Science Commons, UO Libraries; Former Senator; Former Member of the Library Committee; Member of the Senate Executive Committee; and Member of the UO Board of Trustees)

UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration

Purpose: Recognize exemplary service over a period of years and outstanding leadership. Must be committed to shared governance and participatory decision making and must foster inclusiveness, respect, and professional excellence. Established 2011.
Eligible: All Officers of Administration
Selection: By the current Officers of Administration senators.

2018 Recipient: Teri Lynn Rowe (Manager of Finance and Administration for the Departments of Economics and Sociology; Member of the Senate Executive Committee; Former Member of the Faculty Advisory Council; and Former Member of the Officers of Administration Council)


Related Awards: Senate committees also nominate and/or select candidates for several other university awards. These include:

Distinguished Service Awards

This award recognizes those “who by their knowledge and skills have made a significant contribution to the cultural development of Oregon or society as a whole.” Up to three awards may be presented each year at June Commencement.

Distinguished Teaching Awards

The Thomas F. Herman Award and the Herman Award for Specialized Pedagogy are presented to faculty members who have demonstrated long-term excellence in teaching at the university. The Ersted Award and the Ersted Award for Specialized Pedagogy recognize excellence in teaching by faculty who are early in their careers.