Committee on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Our Charge and Responsibilities

The Committee on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence is formed:

  1. to address widespread problems of sexual and gender-based violence within our community;
  2. to address how sexual and gender-based violence intersects with other aspects of community members' identities, including race, sexual orientation, social class, and ability;
  3. to help create and sustain data-driven approaches to sexual and gender-based violence;
  4. to ensure that prevention efforts are grounded in research and best practices;
  5. and to work to change the culture of our campus so that sexual and gender-based violence can be eradicated.

This committee is also particularly charged to work with the university administration to implement and maintain the recommendations of the Task Force to Address Sexual Violence and Survivor Support as contained in its reports for as long as the committee deems those recommendations to be cogent and the measures they prescribe to be efficacious.

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Committee Type: Standing
Selection Process: Appointed and Elected
Time Commitment: 20-40 hours per year


Academic Year 2023-2024

Seat: Voting Member
Term: -

Seat: Voting Member
Term: -
Human Physiology

Seat: Voting Member
Term: -

Quick Facts on Committee Service

Annual Committee appointment process for the 2021-2022 academic year is currently in process.

Please check back for updated membership.

Committee on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Leadership Structure

Convener: Senate President

Election Schedule for Chair: undefined

Membership Requirements

General Membership

  • 3 faculty members elected At-Large
  • 1 faculty appointed by the faculty of the Women's and Gender Studies department (need not be from WGS themselves)
  • 1 faculty member from Law School, appointed by the Senate President
  • 1 graduate student appointed by the ASUO
  • 1 undergraduate student appointed by the ASUO
  • 1 Officer of Administration appointed by the chair of the OA Council or their designee
  • 1 member of the Classified Staff appointed by the Service Employees International Union

Any vacancies that occur before a term has expired shall be filled as interim appointments by the University Senate President in consultation with the leadership of their relevant unit or organization, as appropriate. If any unit or organization is unable to provide a representative from within their unit or organization, e.g., due to other service obligations, the University Senate President shall, in consultation with the leadership of the unit or organization, appoint someone from outside the unit or organization to fill that position.

Ex-Officio, voting members


Ex-Officio, non-voting members

  • Director of Crisis Intervention and Sexual Violence Support Services, or designee
  • AVP/Title IX Coordinator, or designee
  • General Counsel or designee

Terms and Workload

Length of Term

  • Non-Students (faculty, OA's, Classified): 2 years, staggered
  • Students: 1 year
  • Ex Officio: indefinite


Term Limits

  • None

Workload Designation