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Jessica Roberts Candidate Statement 2018

While I am new to the UO, communications holds a special position in that we interact widely across campus. I feel this would be a particularly beneficial attribute if chosen for the OA council as it would allow me to take into account a number of points of view from OAs in a wide-variety of roles, which would then in turn help to inform me  to make the best and most representative decisions. I also feel that being new can bring an asset of objectivity and new eyes to old challenges and that could be a unique perspective to the group. Finally, I very much want to be a part of this community and become a true asset to our university. I have served on councils and advisory boards in all my previous jobs and cities, and am hopeful I can find a way to be of service to the UO as well.

Sara Stubbs Candidate Statement 2018

I have been at the University of Oregon for almost 10 years, and am currently serving as the Director of Customer Service and Support in Information Services. I am running for the OA Council because I am interested in continuing the work of improving relationships and communications across campus, and the council has proven to be a foundational aspect to accomplishing that. The challenges facing the University at this time including growth and the always present resource issues, will require collaboration and communication levels above and beyond what has been required previously. I believe I can both assist in and learn from what the OA Council has to offer in these areas and would be honored to serve the University in this capacity.

Jessica Cronce Candidate Statement 2018

Jessica Cronce is an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services in the College of Education and the Director of the Family and Human Services (FHS) undergraduate major. She joined the UO faculty in 2015. Her research focuses on the prevention of harms related to alcohol use, drug use, gambling, and other health-risk behaviors among college students and other young adults.

Jana Prikryl Candidate Statement 2018

My diverse job responsibilities, which include instruction, advising, and the administration of an undergraduate major provide me with the background and perspective to contribute in a meaningful way to the undergraduate council. My service on the UOCC, and my role as Director of the General Science program, have familiarized me with the UO policy implementation process. My interest in serving on the undergraduate council stems from a desire to advocate for our undergraduate students and contribute to the development of sensible policies that further our education mission.

Jagdeep Bala Candidate Statement 2018

I would like continue contributing to our University’s efforts to enhance undergraduate students’ achievements and successful transition to careers after graduation. This year, I am serving on the scholastic review committee, the academic council, and the student success advisor council. These engagements, together with work on the Student Success Advisory Council, Transfer Students Committee and Tyekeson work group over the last couple of years, have given me perspective, ideas and impetus that I would like to carry forward.

Arkady Vaintrob Candidate Statement 2018

I was a Director of Undergraduate Studies and a Chair of Scholarships and Awards committee in the Math department and served on the Undergraduate Council and the University Senate in the past. I am interested in strengthening undergraduate research and teaching at the UO.
Here are my preferences for the selected seats (in decreasing order): Undergraduate Council, Academic Requirements Committee, Committee on Scholarships, Study Abroad Programs Committee, Scholastic Review Committee.

Larissa Ennis Candidate Statement 2018

I’m hoping to get your vote for the Officers of Administration Council again in 2018. I am completing my first 2-year term as an OA Councilor, and in that time I have come to a greater understanding of the challenges facing OAs as the only unrepresented professional employee group on campus, and of the ways the OA Council can improve our standing. In the last year it has been my pleasure to play a key role in authoring the OA Council’s Workplace Climate survey, with the goal of creating a better workplace for all OAs at the University of Oregon. I hope to continue the work we started with the survey and continued with the listening tour, by creating an action plan and collaborating with campus partners to make real change happen for OAs. No campaign promises here, but I would be grateful for the opportunity to finish what we started—or at least make some incremental improvements in the lives of our colleagues. Thank you for your vote.

Joshua Gordon Candidate Statement 2018

Joshua Gordon is an Instructor of Sports Business at the Lundquist College of Business and the undergraduate program manager for the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center. He recently published a book on high performance organizational culture, The Sports Playbook (Routledge 2018) and advises intercollegiate athletic programs on issues around Title IX, hazing, and culture.

A leading business and legal strategist for more than twenty five years, Gordon is an experienced educator, consultant, negotiator, facilitator, and organizational capability builder. Gordon specializes in sports industry strategy and crisis management that builds upon a deep history of contexts that have included business-to-business, organizational change, energy, environmental, real estate and housing, family, and gang-related challenges. He is the founder and lead practitioner at the Sports Conflict Institute (SCI), which supports competitive goals in athletics through understanding, preventing, and resolving destructive conflict inside and outside the lines and specializes in building high performing team culture. He has presented to audiences that have included individuals and teams from the NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLS, NRL, MLB, USATF, USTA, PGA, LPGA, and ATP.

In addition to his career in conflict management and dispute resolution, Gordon is a competitive runner with recent Masters All-American performances in the mile, 3K, 5K, and 10K distances. He competes as part of the University of Oregon Running Club and the Bowerman Track Club.

Anne Laskaya Candidate Statement 2018

Assoc Professor whose main area is Late medieval Lit, but who has regularly taught women’s lit, world literature, and gen ed. I have served on the FAC during a time of incredible upheaval and transition from LaRiviere to Berdahl to Gottfredson and was co-chair of FAC in 2013. I have served on many committees, including Student Conduct, Appeals boards, Undergrad Council, Academic Requirements, various Senate committees, Committee on Committees, teaching awards, department review committees, various ad hoc committees, and more.

Jason Silveira Candidate Statement 2018

Jason Silveira teaches a variety of music education classes at the University of Oregon, and is also the conductor of the University of Oregon Symphonic Band. His research interests include music perception and cognition, psychology of music, teacher effectiveness, psychophysiological responses to music, and social justice. Dr. Silveira has been published in Journal of Research in Music Education, International Journal of Music Education, Psychology of Music, Journal of Music Teacher Education, Contributions to Music Education, Music Educators Journal, Research Perspectives in Music Education, and the Oregon Music Educator. He also served as Chair of the Affective Response Special Research Interest Group, and currently is Chair-elect of the Perception and Cognition Special Research Interest Group for the National Association for Music Education. Additionally, Dr. Silveira serves as editor of the Oregon Music Educator, and has served as an invited reviewer for Journal of Research in Music Education, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, Psychology of Music, International Journal of Music Education, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, and the National Association for Music Education.

Charles Martinez Candidate Statement 2018

I am Philip H. Knight Professor in the Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership in the College of Education, where I also serve as director of the Center for Equity Promotion. I previously served from 2005-2011 as UO Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity and previously served on the UO Senate from 2012-2014. I have served on the UO FAC this past year, and hope to serve a regular term beginning in AY18-19.

Teri Rowe Candidate Statement 2018

I served 2012-2016 on the OA Council; 2 as Chair and have served the last two years on the Faculty Advisory Council as Chair and Co-Chair. I enjoy participating in service to the UO and would appreciate you vote for another 2 years. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my candidacy or your own interest in running for an elected office. Best, Teri

Jen Mirabile Candidate Statement 2018

Jen has worked at the University of Oregon since 2005. She currently works in central HR’s Programs and Services department managing the HR Partners network, TRP program, and Work-Life Resources. She currently serves as a member of the university’s Campus Family Alliance, Accident Review Board and the Student Academic Accommodation Committee. She is an active member of the College and University Professional Associate for HR and serves on the Western Region Board.

Nancy Nelson Candidate Statement 2018

Nancy J. Nelson, Ph.D., NCSP is a Research Assistant Professor at the Center on Teaching and Learning and core faculty in the Special Education and Clinical Sciences Department (C-NTTF). Dr. Nelson’s expertise lies in the development and efficacy testing of reading and math interventions, the use of multi-tiered systems of support to intensify academic supports for students on the basis of data, and the implementation of education technology in school systems.

Heather McBride Candidate Statement 2018

I’m a pro-tem writing instructor teaching freshman level writing classes. My interest in non-dominant American narratives has increased my awareness of the unreasonable expectations placed on women, non-binary people, and people of color both in the US and when traveling. As a result I have an interest in both addressing sexual and gender based violence and working with the Study Abroad Program.

Valerie Mickelson Candidate Statement 2018

Hi I am Valerie Mickelson and I have been employed at the UO for 4 years in Printing & Mailing Services. I am finishing my 1st term as a classified Senator and have learned a lot in the last 2 years and would love to continue to serve on the senate. I currently manage the UO Fleet Copier Program and the newly implemented Managed Print Programs in addition to working in the front office of Printing & Mailing. I am a two time UO Grad and feel blessed to now work for an institution that gave me so much during my tenure as a student.

Zach Fairchild Candidate Statement 2018

I have served the university in various roles, all as a classified staff member. I understand and value the diversity amongst our classifications, but also know the complications it brings to the work we do, how we go about accomplishing our work and the lines we sometimes have to draw with our CBA and management.

I have read and reread our CBA and always bring the classified voice to the table, in whatever roles I serve in, whether it be my daily work or committee/appointed commitments. Working for the division of student life, in my current role, I have a unique platform and have opportunities to work closely with decision makers and game changers across campus.

Holding relationships closely and building trust within the university has been my constant goal. Throughout my time at UO, I have been able to garner trust from management and HR, build strong bonds between my colleagues and constituents, and serve our students with the upmost pride and dedication in all I do.

I hope to serve the university community further in the coming weeks, months and years.

Jay Butler Candidate Statement 2018

Hi Everyone,
My name is Jay Butler and I currently work in the Payroll Department, in the Business Affairs Office. I am running for Classified Representative for UO Senate, as well as several Senate committees. I have been at UO for 8 years and have been involved in many facets of the university that make our campus so great. I have been a reliable substitute senator for the last two years for classified staff on the Senate. I have been involved with the Governor’s Food Drive each year. As a past volunteer for Food for Lane County, this is a cause close to my heart. I have worked tirelessly with the Zero Waste Program to help bring Deady Hall, Fenton Hall, and the Thompson University Center to become Zero Waste buildings, as well as promoting sustainability across campus. And last, the reason why I’m running. Over the past 8 years, 5 presidents, 5 contract negotiations, and the scare of striking, I feel it is now more important than ever to voice the ideas and concerns of Classified Staff. President Schill and the top administration continuously talk about Faculty and Students. But rarely do I hear the words “Staff” in there. I believe that we are an integral part of the university that is often overlooked and I look forward to engaging with the UO Senate on behalf of all of us. ~ Thank You.
Jay Butler

Lisa Wimberly Candidate Statement 2018

It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I respectfully submit my application to serve on the University Senate. The Senate has a long history of involvement with the University Community and I would like to be part of that involvement.
I have over 30 years of experience overall and 10 years at the University working in the nonprofit and volunteer committee sector promoting and advancing services, programs and policies that build and support the creation of a stable healthy community and University. Those that have worked with me over the years can attest to both my passion and involvement in public issues, advocacy and collaboration at the local and state levels.
Through my experience serving on multiple boards, committees and councils over the last 30 years, I have gained insight and a deep understanding of the many challenges and opportunities that our community grapples with on an ongoing basis. If elected to the Senate I promise to bring a deep commitment to contributing to the work as it moves forward to build a vibrant and effective voice for all.

Marie Swarringim Candidate Statement 2018

I’ve worked at the University of Oregon for nearly 10-years in a variety of positions from a administrative assistant to my current position as a Management Analyst. I enjoy working at the UO & serving on committees because of our diverse population & commitment to providing exceptional education opportunities for our students. My daughter is student at the UO which gives me a unique perspective as an employee. It’s always interesting to hear what our students experiences & concerns are.

Dan Shepard Candidate Statement 2018

I have been with the University now for nearly 4 years in my current position, which focuses heavily on the financial side of managing a department, as well a graduate coordinating. So, I am aware of the many challenges and opportunities facing departments from a classified perspective. Additionally, my relationship with the University, and academia in general, stretches back to my time here as an undergraduate beginning in 2003, and I am very cognizant of the issues faced by students here, and the issues they continue to face following graduation. My service goal would be to use my experiences to provide critical and thoughtful insight towards any issue that might come before the Senate.

Bill Madden Candidate Statement 2018

BS degrees in Art and Computer Science from Western Oregon University, 2011; held Electrical General Administrator’s License, WA; Electrical Contractor, Commercial & Industrial, 2.5 Yrs; Electrician Bonneville Pwr Admin, 32 Yrs; Web Application Developer 6 Yrs.; serve on CASIT Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Committee 1Yr. Extremely interested in participating in decision making concerning: growth, development, student & staff diversity/acceptance, and promotion of the UO.

Don Dixon Candidate Statement 2018

Known for wearing bow ties and unique hats, Don has spent a decade in the IT field. He has earned the nicknames “Dapper Don” and “Cool Hat Guy” for his gregarious demener and welcoming personality. He began his IT career at Best Buy, where he began as a seasonal Computer Sales Specialist. After the holiday rush, Don was soon promoted to the Best Buy for Business Department, where he became one of the top salesman in the company. As a Business professional, he began taking training in both PC and Mac repair and set-up, as well as computer security and networking. He moved into the Geek Squad, where he spent almost 4 years, working both in the store and as an on-site technician. Don has also worked for the Social Sciences Instructional Lab, where he helped oversee the everyday workings of three computer labs ranging from 10 to 33 computers. Don was a student worker for CASIT before graduating with his degree in General Social Sciences (Focus in Crime, Law, & Society) and has been a full time staff member and ITC for the CASIT Help Desk since October of 2014.

Sharece Bunn Candidate Statement 2018

Sharece is passionate for social justice and equity and says that her passion for cultural and ethnic diversity stemmed from growing up in Dayton, Oregon where she learned from her peers who migrated to and from Mexico with the seasons. Sharece holds a B.A. in English from Northwest Nazarene University, an M.S. in Journalism from the University of Oregon, and an Ed.M. in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University. Sharece has twice served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine and loves to travel the globe and meet new people. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, wandering around with her camera, and going on mini adventures around Oregon.

Monica Bray Candidate Statement 2018

Degree History
PhD, Political Economy and Public Policy, University of Southern California
MA, Economics, University of Southern California
BA, Sociology, University of California San Diego
Monica Bray oversees the Graduate Programs Office at the Lundquist College of Business. Prior to coming to the University of Oregon, she worked in the private and public sectors for more than twenty years and has a broad background in higher education, financial management, policy analysis, strategy and international affairs. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of Economics and Research Methods at California State University, Monterey Bay, where she taught finance and accounting for the Executive MBA Program and served as the Director of the Master of Public Policy Program. She was also the Director of Career Services at USC Price and an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. In addition, Bray had an extensive career in financial services and wealth management, working with some of the most respected financial institutions in the United States. She has also served as a strategic consultant for more than a decade.

Angela Long Candidate Statement 2018

Angela Long is Director, Health Initiatives, at the University Health Center. She is responsible for advancing the health of UO students by managing a team of professionals who maintain the electronic health record and information technology support; health promotion and prevention initiatives; HIPAA compliance, health center accreditation, medical records; marketing, communications, assessment; immunization compliance; and communicable disease outbreak preparedness. Serves as a member of the UHC executive and management teams. Collaborates with other campus leaders on alignment of prevention programs.

Cressa Perloff Candidate Statement 2018

Cressa Perloff holds an OA position as the Project Coordinator for Exploring Computer Science, a research project focused on equity in high school computer science education. She is also a graduate student in the Prevention Science M.S. program. Her former career was in the field of alternative math education, and she holds a BFA in Modern Dance. Cressa also consults regarding how to make programs, organizing structures, institutional culture, and events more inclusive and equitable, and she is engaged in various civil rights and community wellness projects at UO and around Eugene. She held the position of Event Coordinator for the ASUO LGBTQA3 in 2016-17 and is a founding member of Decolonizing Judaism.

She is excited about the opportunity to bring these perspectives and experiences to the UO Senate. She has an interest in helping UO policies, practices, and statements align with an ethic of maintaining a welcoming, safe, equitable university environment for all our community members.

Jill Martineau Candidate Statement 2018

Hello, my name is Jill Martineau and I am the Conduct and Care Coordinator for the Office of the Dean of Students at the UO. As a new employee of 5 months, I hope to get involved in committees and groups that represent the larger institutional mission. I look forward to finding ways to create on-going success and development for our students. As an added bonus, I would have the opportunity to meet new colleagues and work collaboratively in addressing certain challenges and turning them into opportunities for growth and improvement. I look forward to engaging with others across the institution.

Melina Pastos Candidate Statement 2018

With a more than 15-year career in higher education, the breadth of my work has included international program management at UC Berkeley, Native student retention at the University of Alaska, instruction at a tribal college, and most recently at UO, over 5 years in student advising. I also bring experience from the non-profit and business sectors and an interdisciplinary social science background. Attending Faculty Senate meetings this past year was a reminder to me that academic affairs and student affairs need to be in constant collaboration to complement each other’s efforts and build supportive relationships across campus units. Motivated by the goal of creating access and equity in education, UO’s Student Success Initiatives and Core Education Reform are some of the issues that interest me in serving on the Senate.

Brady Nittman Candidate Statement 2018

I arrived at the University of Oregon 2 years ago and currently serve as a Financial Analyst in the Budget and Resource Planning office. I have a diverse background in University finances and bring a strong analytical lens to my current role.

While working in the central budget office I have been exposed to many of the challenges Officers of Administration face on an institutional level. As the only unrepresented group on campus, it is imperative that we are unified and ensure our collective voice is heard.

I want to play an active role in driving improvement and positive change at the UO. The Officers of Administration Council provides the opportunity to make constructive contributions that will benefit all OA’s and the University as a whole.

Volya Kapatsinski Candidate Statement 2018

I grew up in Russia and was interested in linguistics from a young age. However, linguistics is a broad field that encompasses cultural, social, structural, and cognitive perspectives on language. My academic trajectory has taken me from the cultural side of this spectrum to the cognitive side. I started out interested in linguistic anthropology and the relation between language change and cultural change, then drifted into quantitative studies of language change in progress, then cognitive explanations for recurrent changes, and finally into the study of the cognitive processes assumed by such explanations. My current research brings together computational learning theory, language acquisition and historical linguistics to explain why language change around the world follows certain recurrent trajectories. The interdisciplinary nature of my academic experience has made me familiar with a broad range of research traditions, methods and publication venues, from sociolinguistics to cognitive science. I have reviewed articles for 19 journals, ranging from “Cortex” to “Language Variation & Change”. This breadth may serve me well on the FPC and the Library Committee. It may also help me contribute to the work of the Senate, especially as the university continues to develop and re-evaluate criteria for research productivity and research excellence.

Caroline Lundquist Candidate Statement 2018

I have been studying and teaching ethics for about fifteen years, having received my PhD in philosophy (specializing in ethics) from the University of Oregon in 2013. I worked at Lane Community College for several years, where I taught an array of philosophy courses, served on numerous committees, and developed LCC’s first Center for Teaching and Learning. I currently serve as the Associate Director of Carnegie Global Oregon, an ethics-based FIG and ARC here at the U of O. I also teach ethics class for the Department of Philosophy and the Clark Honors College. I volunteer extensively in the Eugene community, and co-lead a regular public philosophy discussion series at the Eugene Public Library.

I am especially interested in serving on any committees that address ethical questions and challenges. I am interested in finding ways to ensure that the University of Oregon’s policies and practices reflect the values of its community members, and would love to help faculty (and administrators whose work supports teaching and learning) to find ways to integrate ethics into the curriculum.

Pedro Garcia-Caro Candidate Statement 2018

Deeply committed to shared governance, a public university ethos, and administrative transparency, I have served in the Senate for several years and in other university-wide committees. I currently serve as Secretary for AAUP Oregon, and Direct the Latin American Studies Program. I am completing a book on cultural debates about mining in Latin America in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Vera Keller Candidate Statement 2018

I’m a historian of science specializing in the origins of experimental science in the early modern period. Before tenure, I did not engage in much University Service, only serving on the Student Health Advisory Comittee in 2012-2013. I’m now seeking to get involved. The following relate to the committees I suggested joining:Through my career at UO, I’ve engaged a lot with the library, especially SCUA. In graduate school, I’ve previously served as the LGBTQ+ representative to student government. And, while I haven’t run a Study Abroad program at UO, I’ve studied abroad myself, as well as been a fellow at numerous international academic centers.