We have created groups of resource materials to cater to different audiences depending on your affiliation with the UO Senate and/or one of our Senate committees. Please check out the resources listed below and let us know if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

Resources for Senators
Find out more about how to write a motion, types of motions and how to bring them to the Senate for consideration.
Resources for Committees/Chairs
A few helpful tools for committee chairs and members.
Resources for those interested in leadership roles.
Coming Soon.
Resources for the General Public
Find out who represents you, when upcoming meetings are, and more about some senate processes.
  • List of current senators
  • Calendar of meetings and events
  • Policy-Making Process cheat sheet
  • About Motions

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more by reviewing FAQs by topic.

How do I submit a motion?
How long does it take to get a motion approved?
When are elections?
Who can vote in elections?
What positions are up for election?
How can I apply for a position that is up for election?
Meeting Schedules
How often are Senate meetings hosted?
Who can go to Senate meetings?
What happens at Senate meetings?