Welcome one and all! The Senate Executive Coordinator’s office  has been working hard to create helpful resources for anyone involved with or thinking of becoming involved with the University of Oregon Senate. Please feel free to submit feedback to We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Resources for Senators Resources for Committees Governance Docs Other Resources

Formal Notice of Motion: Procedures/Process

Docket Deadlines – how and when to submit a motion

Motion Templates

Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheets – for those unfamiliar with Parliamentary Procedure

How to Write a motion – coming soon

Annual Committee Report Template (Fillable Word doc)

Committee Structure “17 pt chart” template

UO Constitution

UO Senate Bylaws

Delegation of Authority

Oregon Interinstitutional Faculty Senate

PAC-12 Academic Leadership Coalition

Policy-Making Process cheat sheet

Course Evaluations MOU (between the University and United Academics ) – August 2019

How to post comments on motions:

  • Click on motion you would like to comment on
  • Scroll down to end of post where it invites you to login to post comments, will redirect you to a login screen
  • Select “Use My Duck ID” option, will redirect you to green & yellow login page for your UO credentials
  • After entering your credentials it will take you back to the post
  • Click the Log In button on top left of page (you don’t actually have to login a second time)
  • Scroll down and a comment box will appear, along with a “Post Comment” submit button


Shared governance at the University of Oregon

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