February 24, 2021 Senate Meeting Agenda

Academic Year
February 24, 2021

Call to Order

  • Land Acknowledgment; Provost Patrick Phillips
  • Intro Remarks; Senate President Elliot Berkman and Senate Vice President Spike Gildea
  • ASUO updates

Approval of the Minutes

State of the University

  • Provost Patrick Phillips

Open Discussion

  • Tenure/Promo process; Gabe Paquette and Janet Woodruff-Borden

TENTATIVE - [Suspension of Rules] US20/21-08: Supporting the ASUO's decision to repurpose student I-Fee money; Jenna Travers, Annika Mayne, Bill Harbaugh, et al

  • Common Course Numbering; Ron Bramhall and Bill Harbaugh
  • Textbook Affordability; Robin Clement, Rayne Vieger


Notice of Motion

  • New motion on teaching eval framework from Continuous Improvement and Evaluation of Teaching Committee