October 6, 2021 Senate Meeting Agenda

Academic Year
October 6, 2021

Call to Order

3:00 P.M. 

  • Land Acknowledgment; Senate President, Spike Gildea
  • Intro Remarks; Senate President, Gildea
  • ASUO updates; Maxwell Ely

Approval of the Minutes

UO President's Remarks

  • University President, Mike Schill

New Business

  • Discussion: UO Senate Bylaws revisions; Spike Gildea
  • Discussion: UO Senate Committee Clean-Up; Dan Tichenor
  • Updates: Textbook Affordability; Robin Clement (Business) and Rayne Vieger (UO Libraries)

Open Discussion

  • The Problems of University Service
    • What is Service?
    • How do we count Service? (Metrics)
    • Why do we need this?
    • Where do we go from here?

Notice of Motion

  • Create UO Senate task force on University Service


5:00 P.M.