Course Repeat Policy

Policy Proposal


Academic Council


Section I

1.1 WHEREAS the Academic Council is charged “to discuss and review issues and present recommendations for action to the University Senate;” and

1.2 WHEREAS the Academic Council consists of a Chair from each committee that has responsibilities covering academic issues; and

1.3 WHEREAS current policy allows students to repeat a non-repeatable course indefinitely without approval; and

1.4 WHEREAS many students are, for a variety of reasons, repeating courses several times, even when they have no apparent legitimate academic reason for doing so; and

1.5 WHEREAS this practice has resulted in irregularities in the registration process that have precluded some students that are taking the course for the first time from being able to register for needed courses in a timely manner, perhaps delaying their graduation.

Section 2

2.1 THEREFORE BE IT MOVED that the following changes be made;

2.1.1 Undergraduate students may not register, without prior approval by the Academic Requirements Committee (ARC)/Office of the Registrar, for non-repeatable courses in which they are currently enrolled or for which they have already earned a C or a Pass or better at UO or from a transferring institution. 

2.1.2 Students may register, without prior approval by the ARC/Office of the Registrar, for a non-repeatable course for which they have already earned a C- or below or a No Pass at UO or from a transferring institution.

2.1.3 All grades for all courses taken at UO appear on both the official and unofficial transcript and are included in the Term GPA calculation.  Only the second attempt of the repeated course is calculated into the Cumulative GPA. Credit for non-repeatable courses is given only once.

2.1.4 Some courses are repeatable for credit if the content of the course differs from that of a previous offering of the course (e.g., Topics courses) or may be repeated for credit for a limited number of credits or a limited number of times. If a course is approved by the Committee on Courses to be repeatable for credit, the description of the course as published within the UO Catalog will state the restrictions for repeating the course. All grades and credits earned in repeatable courses are calculated in both the Term and Cumulative GPAs, up to the prescribed limits.

2.1.5 Repeated courses are annotated on the transcript as either being “REPEATED, INCLUDED IN GPA” or “REPEATED, EXCLUDED FROM GPA.”

2.1.6 Students receiving federal financial aid should remember that failed coursework is calculated in the overall financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review each year, and a student is required to meet SAP standards to remain eligible for financial aid. The SAP is calculated differently than the UO GPA and the UO Academic Standing.

Financial Impact