Announcement and Confirmation of Spring 2016 Committee Appointments

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Committee on Committees


Section I

1.1 WHEREAS, the Committee on Committees recently completed the annual senate and university committee appointment process;

Section II

2.1 BE IT THEREFORE MOVED, the Committee on Committees recommends that the Senate approve the following committee appointments for the 2015-2016 year

(Please note: only new appointments are listed below. For continuing appointments with unexpired terms, please visit individual committee pages):

Academic Requirements Committee
Alexander Polishchuk, Math
Anne Laskaya, English
Eren Cil, College of Business
Lillian Manis, Music

Campus Planning
Michael Koscho, Chemistry
Diana Libuda, Biology
Eric Beeler, EMU
Peter Keyes, Architecture
Shannon Sardell, Historic Preservation

Committee on Courses
Frances White, Anthropology
Mike Urbancic, Economics
Jana Prikryl, Biology

Committee on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
*Hybrid Committee: some positions are elected and some are appointed
Nicole Commissiong, Law

Distinguished Service Awards and Honorary Degrees
Andy Halvorsen, AEI
Angela Whalen, School Psychology
Claire Wachter, Music
Eleanor Vandergrift, Biology

Environmental Issues
Michael Tomcal, Accounting
Bob Choquette, PPPM
Shannon Anderson, SOJC
Alethea Steingisser, Geography
Jenn Crowder, University Housing
Peggy Schneider, Parking & Transportation

Faculty Research Awards
Gordon Sayre, English
Craig Parsons, Political Science
Hailin Wang, PhysicsBen Hansen, Economics
Weiyong He, Math
James Brau, Physics

Library Committee
Chris Eckerman, Classics
Larry Wayte, Music
Roberta Mann, Law
Michael Koscho, Chemistry
Robert Haskett, History

Nontenure-Track Faculty
Hailin Wang, Physics
Beth Harn, Special Education
Gordon Sayre, English
Michael Strain, CAMCOR
Yvonne Bradford, Biology

Ombuds Committee
John Ahlen, International Studies
Charles Dold, AEI
Nicholas Proudfoot, Math
Elizabeth Skowron, Counseling Psychology

Michael Kellman, Chemistry
Holly Arrow, Psychology
Michelle Wood, Biology
Scholarships Committee
Scott Fitzpatrick, Anthropology
Jadgeep Bala, Psychology
Melissa Baese-Berk, Linguistics
David Koranda, SOJC
Beth Harn, Special Education
Brad Garner, Dance
Hailin Wang, Physics
Victor Ostrik, Math

Scholastic Review Committee
Beth Harn, Special Education
Nicole Dahmen, SOJC
Spike Gildea, Linguistics
Victor Ostrik, Math
Sueanne Parker, AEI
Lori Robare, UO Libraries

Student Conduct & Community Standards
Brad Garner, Dance
Victoria Mitchell, UO Libraries
David Fowler, UO Libraries

Student-Faculty Committee on Grievances
Angela Dornbusch, AEI
Ellen Herman, History

Study Abroad Programs Committee
Analisa Taylor, Romance Languages
Michal Young, Computer & Information Science
Shabnam Ahktari, Math

Transparency Committee
Chris Sinclair, Math
Gina Psaki, Romance Languages
Scott Maier, SOJC

University Appeals Board
Kate Mondloch, Art History
Matthias Vogel, German
Lauretta De Renzo-Huter, Romance Languages

University Committee on Sexual Orientation, Attraction, Gender Identity and Expression
Carol Silverman, Anthropology
Debra Merskin, SOJC
Michael Quillin, Law
Turi Holte, Counseling & Testing Center
Zachary Benedict, AEI
William Hatchet, Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

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