University of Oregon endorsement for the faculty position on the University of Oregon Board of Trustees on behalf of the University Senate

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Senate Executive Committee


Section I


The Senate met with applicants to the position in our meeting on March 10th. In that meeting, applicants presented remarks and responded to written questions from Senators. The Senate also had the opportunity to review materials from each of the applicants. The applicants are:

• Ed Madison, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication

• Kiersten Muenchinger, Associate Professor, Product Design

• Carol Paty, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences and Clark Honors College

• T. Bettina Cornwell, Professor, Marketing

• Barbara Mossberg, Professor of Practice, Literature and Clark Honors College

Shortly after the March 10th Senate meeting, Senators cast a rank-order vote of their preferences.

A summary of the vote is as follows and a complete tally of the vote is shown below:

Appendix B. Number of votes cast per candidate

Higher = More preferred

1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice 4th choice 5th choice Weighted Total Average Rank


             8               7                 5               4               4                 95               3.39


             4               5                11              5               2                 85               3.15


             5               6                5                7               4                 82               3.04


             6              5                 2                6              8                  76               2.81


            5              5                 4                 5              9                 76                2.71

Note. "Weighted Total" is calculated as: 5x number of first-choice votes + 4x number of second-choice votes + 3x number of third-choice votes, and so forth. "Average Rank" is the average rank across the 28 votes cast, with higher numbers indicating more preferred (e.g., an average rank of "5" would indicate a candidate was the top preference for all voters).

Section II

2.1 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the University Senate approves providing the above results as an endorsement for their preferred Faculty Trustee candidate to the Oregon Governor for consideration.

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