Course Policies on CANVAS use, Syllabi and Office Hours

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Academic Councill


Section I

1.1 WHEREAS, the Academic Council is charged with bringing issues relating to the academic mission to the UO Senate with recommendations for action as needed; and

1.2 WHEREAS, it is beneficial to students to have uniform expectations that courses will meet fundamental conditions regarding course platform, syllabi, and office hours; and

1.3 WHEREAS, accreditation requirements stipulate that course information be published and made available to students; and

1.4 WHEREAS, the UOCC often sees course proposals with syllabi that have incomplete or incorrect information, and this can delay course approvals; and

1.5 WHEREAS, FERPA policies require that only university-approved, FERPA-compliant technology be used in cases where non-directory student data is involved; and

1.6 WHEREAS, the Academic Council expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic means that all instructors who have taught during since Spring of 2021 has been required to use Canvas for their course, and the university has provided more support and training in using Canvas for courses, thus instructors have more experience with Canvas; and

1.7 WHEREAS, unit policies on instructor availability, which is important for student success, do not consistently specify office hours expectations

Section II

2.1 BE IT HEREBY MOVED that the three academic policies recommended by the Academic Council in the attached document are approved by the University Senate and go into effect Fall 2021.


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