The UO Senate asserts the importance of faculty governance guiding the transition of Clark Honors College faculty to the Faculty in Residence model

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Sam Hopkins (Clark Honors College, CAS - Nat Sci, Earth Sciences, Senator)


Section I

1.1 WHEREAS The University of Oregon has announced their intention to move Clark Honors College Resident Faculty from their tenure home in the Honors College to departments with which their research is affiliated and to require them to reapply for Faculty-in-Residence positions in the College;

1.2 WHEREAS this action was taken without consultation with the Honors College faculty, in spite of the effect on academic matters;

1.25 WHEREAS this action was taken without consultation with faculty across many units in the College of Arts and Sciences where CHC faculty will go, in spite of the effect on academic matters;

1.3 WHEREAS past Resident Faculty have not been asked to apply to the college when moving to a Faculty-in-Residence position, but rather have simply been offered the position and been given the opportunity to negotiate it in the same way as Faculty-in-Residence coming from outside the college;

Section II

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the faculty of the Clark Honors College (CHC) have sole governance authority over the Faculty-in-Residence application and review process. Moreover we resolve that the CHC Residential Faculty who are being removed from CHC must be given the same opportunity to continue as Faculty-in-Residence as former Resident Faculty have been given, and that the CHC faculty should be consulted in planning the process for that transition.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT The University Senate requires a priori consultation of faculty in any organizational change that affects the academic work and mission of an academic unit. 

Motion History

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    Motion was withdrawn at April 28, 2021 Senate meeting by sponsor.