The UO Senate asserts the importance of faculty governance guiding the reassignment of faculty lines and faculty in residence

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Sam Hopkins (Clark Honors College, CAS - Nat Sci, Earth Sciences, Senator)


Section I

1.1 WHEREAS the University of Oregon announced without consultation their intention to move Clark Honors College (CHC) Resident Faculty from their tenure home in the CHC to disciplinary departments outside the Honors College;

1.2 WHEREAS this action was taken without prior consultation with CHC faculty, in spite of the effect on academic matters within the college;

1.3 WHEREAS this action was taken without prior consultation with faculty in units in the College of Arts and Sciences or elsewhere at UO where CHC faculty tenure lines will be relocated, in spite of the effect on academic matters in those units;

1.4 WHEREAS no clear and urgent justification for this change has yet been offered to justify its implementation during a global pandemic and a time during which faculty service is intended to be kept to a minimum;

1.5 WHEREAS these reassigned faculty may be forced to alter their professional trajectories, position duties, and job expectations and will be subjected to different standards for promotion and merit evaluation of their future performance;

1.6 WHEREAS Clark Honors College governance documents approved by the Office of the Provost state that the faculty of the CHC conducts the review process by which candidates for faculty in residence positions in the CHC are selected;

1.7 WHEREAS the Provost altered the Clark Honors College faculty selection process without consultation with the faculty of the CHC;

Section II

BE IT RESOLVED THAT in any restructuring of faculty lines resulting in reassignment of faculty members to new units:

  1. the administration must engage in a robust process of consultation and study with the faculty including those to be reassigned, those in the unit losing them, and those in the new units to receive them, the purpose of these consultations including that of gaining faculty input into matters that affect the academic work and mission of an academic unit;
  2. that the administration provide a clear rationale for such restructuring; and
  3. that the administration provide sufficient time for the faculty affected by such restructuring to plan for and to make the changes required of them. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the core faculty of the Clark Honors College (CHC) shall determine the internal process of review and renewal for Faculty in Residence as a matter of faculty governance, given that this process serves the equivalent of the faculty search and promotion process in a college that holds no tenure lines.

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