Overarching Changes to UO Senate Committee System

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UO Committee on Committees


Section I

1.1  WHEREAS the UO Senate is periodically charged with reviewing its committees and the administrative advisory groups to determine if structural revisions are needed (formerly known as the 10th Year Review process); and

1.2  WHEREAS the previous process undertaken by the Senate was fragmented, taking place over the course of 3-4 years and looked at committees individually, with less attention given to reviewing the committee system as a whole; and 

1.3  WHEREAS during Summer 2021 the Senate Executive Coordinator, in consultation with the Executive Coordinator to the Statutory Faculty, did an initial review of senate committees and administrative advisory groups, proposing categories of changes that apply broadly to the committee system; and

1.4  WHEREAS the Senate’s Committee on Committees has reviewed and endorsed six of these overarching structural changes to eliminate unnecessary practices and streamline where possible;

Section II

2.1  BE IT THEREFORE MOVED that the University Senate approves these six overarching structural changes to the committee system, as outlined in the related document.

Motion History

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