Revised Incomplete Policy

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Mike Price (Undergrad Council, CAS - Mathematics); Jagdeep Bala (Undergrad Council, CAS - Psychology)


Section I 

1.1  WHEREAS the current university incomplete policy ( contains some inherent contradictions and lacks clarity in its implementation. For instance:

  • The most common question the registrar fields from instructors is how to define a “minor yet essential” requirement. This clause does not provide the guidance instructors need to determine when to record and “I”.
  • The default grade for an Incomplete that is not completed within one years is an “F”. This doesn’t align with the “minor yet essential” definition and is a particularly harsh outcome for students whose actual grade may have been higher, even with the missing work.
  • Allowing “reasons acceptable to the instructor” is broad and may lead to inequitable outcomes. Instructors need more guidance to determine when an Incomplete is appropriate.
  • There is no standard contract form or process for completing and filing contracts. Units have different forms and approaches which creates inconsistent agreements across the university.
  • In some cases, contracts, through required by the current policy, are not being completed. This leaves students and instructors vulnerable should there be a dispute about the agreement.

1.2 WHEREAS the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council voted unanimously in favor of repealing the current Incomplete Policy for undergraduates and graduates, and replacing it with the Revised Incomplete Policy outlined in the Related Document.

Section II

2.1 THEREFORE BE IT MOVED that the University Senate approves repealing the current Incomplete Policy and replaces it with the Revised Incomplete Policy as outlined in the Related Document.



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