Revised Employee Grievance policy

Policy Proposal
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Tanya Gupta (Chemistry and Biochemistry); Patricia Lambert (PPPM)


Section I

1.1  WHEREAS the current university grievance procedures policy ( contains contradictions from current university practice and lacks clarity in its implementation. For example:

  • The current policy lacks a streamlined way for faculty, nonfaculty staff, and students to find relevant sections pertaining to their grievance procedures.
  • The student grievances are both employment and nonemployment related, so their specific sections are incredibly arduous and confusing for students to access/use. The revised policy removes all student grievance information and moves that to an entirely separate policy. 
  • The current policy outlines both policy and procedure in each section with procedure often updating more frequently than the policy.
  • The current policy does not align with the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement as it pertains to tenure-track faculty and career faculty decision appeals; and

1.2 WHEREAS the current university grievance procedures policy is unwieldy in both length and content; and

1.3 WHEREAS the current university grievance procedures policy contains information for both employment-related and student-related grievance procedures.

Section II

2.1 THEREFORE BE IT MOVED that the University Senate approves repealing the current grievance procedures policy and replaces it with the Revised Grievance Procedures Policy as outlined in the Related Document.

Motion History

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  • Approved