Revision to Bylaws of the UO Senate to Facilitate Continued Online Participation

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Gina Biancarosa (College of Education, Senator, Senate Rules Committee); Anna Schmidt-MacKenzie (Student Services and Enrollment Management, OA Senator, Senate Rules Committee); Craig Kauffman (Political Science, Senator, Senate Rules Committee)


Section I 

1.1 WHEREAS, the Senate President charged the Senate Rules Committee with reviewing the Bylaws of the University of Oregon Senate (the “Bylaws”) and proposing Bylaw amendments: 

  • fixing typographical and grammatical errors,  
  • correcting inaccuracies, 
  • modernizing the Bylaws and making them consistent with current practice,
  • recommending clarified and more efficient language where useful or appropriate; and

1.2 WHEREAS, in connection with this review, the Committee has determined it is desirable to continue the productive practice of enabling Senators to participate in Senate meetings remotely, to maximize Senate convenience and efficiency and reduce Senate use of fossil fuels used to travel to in-person meetings. 

Section II 

2.1 THEREFORE BE IT MOVED that the University Senate elects to amend the Bylaws as follows: 

3.4 Senate Meetings. The schedule, location and agenda of Senate meetings shall be posted on the Senate website. Senate meetings may be conducted in-person or entirely online, as specified by the Senate President, provided that any in-person Senate meeting must also be accessible online to allow for synchronous remote participation, and any Senator participating online in any Senate meeting shall be deemed present for quorum, voting, and all other purposes. Senate meetings shall be open to the public. The only valid exceptions shall be those sections of Senate meetings dealing with Distinguished Service Awards and Honorary Doctorates (see Article 3.10) and those specified by the Oregon Public Meetings law (ORS 192.640, 650 and 660). Upon including in the public record one or more of the above-specified reason(s) for going into executive session, the Senate President shall be allowed to close the meeting to all non-Senators (University of Oregon Constitution Section 8.2). 

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