June 2, 2021 Senate Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

  • Land Acknowledgement; Elliot Berkman
  • Intro Remarks; Senate President Elliot Berkman and Senate VP Spike Gildea
  • ASUO updates; Ella Meloy

Approval of the Minutes

State of the University

  • Provost Patrick Phillips

New Business

  • VOTE: US20/21-21: Approval of Curriculum Report, Spring 2021; Frances White
  • Election of Senate Vice President and President-Elect for AY 2021-2022
    • Candidate(s):
      • Dan Tichenor, Political Science
  • Awards:
    • Wayne T. Westling Award: Ibrahim Gassama, School of Law
    • Classified Staff Leadership Award: Jay Butler, Business Affairs Office
    • Shared Governance, Transparency & Trust: Dean Sabrina Madison-Cannon, School of Music & Dance
    • Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration; Renee Dorjahn, Clark Honors College

Other Business

  • Passing of the Gavel to new Senate President


  • 5:00 P.M.