April 10, 2024 Senate Meeting Agenda

Academic Year
April 10, 2024

Call to Order

  • Land Acknowledgement; Sophia Lopez Hodgdon, Neuroscience Undergraduate Student
  • Intro Remarks; Senate President Gerard Sandoval
  • ASUO updates; Taliek Lopez-Duboff

Approval of the Minutes

UO President's Remarks

  • UO President Karl Scholz

New Business

  • Updates: Big 10 Alliance; Dr. Keith Marshall (Executive Director)
  • Presentation: Improving equity and access in the UO Libraries; Brian Lym (Library Director of Employee Engagement, Development, and Belonging), Danielle Mericle (Curator of Visual Materials)
  • Updates: Core Ed Council; Ron Bramhall, Steve Frost
  • Update: Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS); Pedro Garcia-Caro
  • Intro: Committee clean-up: US23/24-10: Discontinuation of Promotion-Tenure-Retention Appeals Committee and Faculty Grievance Appeals Committee; Sandy Weintraub
  • Brainstorm session: Senate Priorities AY 2024-2025; Senate Vice President Alison Schmitke

Notice of Motion

  • 4:50 P.M. 


  • 5:00 P.M.