Proposed New Process and Changes to Course-related Policies

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Alison Schmitke (Chair of Course Approval Task Force, College of Education); Dan Tichenor (Senate President, CAS - Political Science); Gerard Sandoval (Senate Vice President, College of Design)


Section I

Section I

1.1 WHEREAS the Senate Task Force on Course Approval was formed in Spring 2022 by the University of Oregon Senate; and

1.2 WHEREAS the Senate charged the Course Approval task force with doing an in-dept review for the purpose of drafting a streamlined and efficient revised process for curricular changes, as well as a suggested orientation/training/onboarding event or series of events.

1.3 WHEREAS the task force was charged with the responsibilities to preserve a rigorous formal course approval process ensuring courses offered at the University of Oregon embody our academic values and faculty oversight of curriculum; and

1.4 WHEREAS the task force was charged with the responsibility to establish clear procedures and policies for course approval.

1.5 WHEREAS the task force has completed their work as charged, and submitted it as a template for Senate legislation.

Section II

2.1. THEREFORE IT BE MOVED that the changes to the process and rules for course approval at the University of Oregon be approved (see attached documents)

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