Career Faculty Committee

Our Charge and Responsibilities

The Career Faculty Committee focuses on addressing issues of career instructional and research faculty at the University of Oregon. The responsibilities of the committee include the following:

  1. Assess career faculty needs, identify priorities and develop proposals to meet them.
  2. Recommend ways to educate the University community as a whole on the issues relating to and arising for career faculty status for instructional and research faculty.
  3. Pursue long-range planning for career faculty and advocate for career faculty input into University decisions affecting career faculty.
  4. Act as a channel for communication and community among members of the career faculty.
  5. Gather information on nationwide trends in and research on career faculty employment.
  6. Review and consider other career faculty issues as appropriate.

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Committee Type: Standing
Selection Process: Appointed
Time Commitment: 0-20 hours per year


Academic Year 2020-2021

Seat: Voting Member
Term: -
Career Faculty
Psychology Department

Seat: Voting Member
Term: -
Career Faculty

Seat: Voting Member
Term: -
Career Faculty
Theatre Arts

Quick Facts on Committee Service

Annual Committee appointment process for the 2021-2022 academic year is currently in process.

Please check back for updated membership.

Career Faculty Committee

Leadership Structure

  • Chair: elected from the committee membership
  • Convener: Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Staff: Office of Academic Affairs

Election Schedule for the Chair: At the first meeting of Fall term.

Membership Requirements

General Membership

[Not fixed, but shall include at least 10 members.]

  • 4 Tenured Faculty
  • 4 Career Faculty (both instructional and research)
  • 1 Graduate Student
  • 1 Undergraduate Student

Non-tenured tenure-track faculty may also serve on the committee. Each UO school/college in which Career Faculty are employed should be represented on the committee at least every second year.

Ex-Officio, voting members


Ex-Officio, non-voting members

  • Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs or designee


  • United Academics of the University of Oregon President for Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty Affairs
  • United Academics of the University of Oregon Vice President for Non-Tenure Track Research Faculty Affairs

Terms and Workload

Length of Term

  • For Non-Students (faculty, OA's, OR's, Classified): 2 years
  • Students: 1 year
  • Ex Officio:

Term Limits

  • For the Chair: 1 term
  • For committee members: 2 consecutive terms
  • Ex Officio: N/A

Workload Designation

  • For the Chair: 0 - 20 hours/year (Tier 3)
  • For committee members: 0 - 20 hours (Tier 3)